Free-tech (Dongguan) rubber industry Co.,Ltd, is local to go together an industry to have scale real strenght more currently of inside property business enterprise.
Company foundation on November 1,2003, located in Xiakou shaling industry estate, Dongcheng zone, Dongguan city which locates transportation convenience (GuanLong road) covers area about 1,500 square meters. It has 150 people of employee's, pass ISO9001:2000 international quality system attestation, ISO14001:2008 environments manage a system attestation.
The profession produces various function to request(high abrasion proof, high flexibility, low temperature, quakeproof, absorb an earthquake, bear high pressure and bear aging, conduct electricity, insulate, bear corrosion, bear the impact, anti- static electricity of the chemistry melting agent, anti- ultraviolet ray, anti-, bear oil, waterproof and spread hot, inflaming retarding inflaming retarding , absorb water, soundproof, bear rubber ware and electronics of insulate material(the EVA, wheat pull, PVC, waterproof sponge, absorb sound cotton, filter cotton, resilient plastic, EPE oil cotton, quick Ba's paper, Blue bare paper, leather paper, mica slice, spread a hot slice, copper screen, aluminum screen, non-woven fabric, flannel) blunt press to model a product.
Product extensively used for: Electronics, electric appliances, aerospace aviation, air condition, communication equipments, computer, toy, lamps and bathroom, stereo set device, athletics exercise machine and the industrial and related profession of the machine manufacturing industry, ship, car.
Our company owns advanced production equipments and examination equipments of complete set. Can the generation's guest design develop each kind of rubber accessories and carry on a molding tool to process.
Many in the last years, the product of our company mainly sells toward grounds, such as the Europe and America, Japan, and region in Southeast Asia and the Pearl River triangle and Shanghai Suzhou...etc., being the same to product quality a stability, service fast, price reasonable, handed over to expect to satisfy customer's request on time and well, be subjected to new old customer good opinion consistently, company accomplishment booming development.
The free-tech person grasps incorporation to work hard, beg actually creative and enterprising respect-work spirit, struggle, head for new point of departure and clime to high peak hard.
The business cooperative relation welcomed new old friend and our company of each profession to stabilize over a long period of time, create fine future together.
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